Wonderfilled Design Overview

Oreo Design Laptop

Wonderfilled Design

Winning the Oreo business was like a lottery and deluge all at once. We had toiled for months on a pitch, asked to completely re-invent a brand, and suddenly we were faced with finding a way to describe to the world, as well as the entire Oreo (Mondelez) organization, with global regions ready to pick up the new work, how to make Wonderfilled go. This was no mere tagline and a few commercial spots, this was a gigantic platform with custom everything. Bright iconic colors, bold graphic language across all brand touchpoints, a unique typeface with hand-drawn charcteristics, illustration style, cel animation, a unique melody that could work across multiple music genres, an audio mnemonic, a new logo, and a design system that let the product speak directly to consumers.

Campaign Guidelines

Too much to explain in a single webpage, I resorted to pushing out the entire campaign guidelines above. Flip through it and see, piece by piece, how to build Wonderfilled from the ground up. It's an instruction manual, motivational document, style guide, exuberant display of wonder, and fun creative writing exercise all rolled into one. I poured my soul into this first iteration, before it got dried out and dumbed down to be more of a strictly functional guideline. I can't think of a better way of describing everything we did on this campaign than this document does, so give it a read.  Below are some of the key excerpts and examples as well.

Oreo Sans Examples

Voice of the Cookie

If the cookie’s gonna do the talking, it doesn’t just need its own voice. It needs its own letters! Taking inspiration from the creme inside every Oreo, we created a unique font for the Wonderfilled campaign. We wanted to call it Oreo Sandwich, but that didn’t sound legit. So we named it Oreo Sans. 

Voice Of The Cookie
Voice of the Cookie examples

Contextual Behavior

Whether it is on a milk carton, the back of an Oreo pack, or the glass doors of the freezer aisle, the Voice of the Cookie was used to speak directly to the context it was seen in. Not only is this fun to do, but it creates a more memorable way of engaging between consumer and brand.

Oreo Freezer Door Stickers
Oreo Mini Print ads
Oreo Replay Poster
The Amazing Mini Poster
Wonder Vader
Oreo Anthem Wolf

Design Case Study

This case study film goes into detail about the design work done to refresh the Oreo brand. It was made for an awards show submission, so please, give it a pass for the over excited tone ;)