Oreo Thins Hypnotize frame

Oreo Thins Launch

The first bite of a new Oreo Thins cookie blew my mind. Easier to eat, elegant, playful, and still an Oreo at heart. Needless to say, I jumped at the idea of making a spot that expressed this playful sophistication. It was the perfect chance to explore the powerful black and white aesthetic inherent in the cookie. The bold layers of chocolate wafers and cream make the perfect graphic iconography. 

With a nod to the epic sunrise opening sequence of Kubrick's 2001, we built a graphic world to showcase the arrival of this new thinner cookie. We developed a visual language that bridged the gap between a child's mobile and graphic spacial compression. It turned out beautiful, I might add.

OREO Thins Typography Design

Typography studies for the word THINS. It took a couple tries, but we eventually realized adding an “S” allowed the word to be symmetrical and emphasized the cookie's thinness by letting it become the “I,” in the word THINS.

OREO Thins Mobile Diagrams

Initial sketch diagrams of the mobile concept. We were having a hard time explaining the idea to our clients until we stopped calling it an "art installation" and started describing it as a mobile. From Alexander Calder to a child's plaything, everyone can visualize how a mobile works.

OREO Thins - modelling mobiles for the prop builders

To get ready for the shoot, I built a quick Cinema4D model to help with some camera framing and movement questions. Also helped us start to get dimensions right for the model build. We ran into a few issues that resulted in building a cookie replica at 300% the size of a real Oreo Thin! It's still on my desk to this day :)

A couple snaps from the set. You can see how big we had to make the mobiles to get the exact framing. Insider info: the third mobile had to be rebuilt in 3D.

OREO Thins influencer box design

To help spread the word at launch, we got to design the PR influencer kits. These were sent out to media influencers prior to launch to get the press warmed up to the idea of a brand new cookie.

Oreo Thins Hypnotize

The launch spot worked so well, we were asked to make another similar spot to keep the THINS momentum going. We had to stay close to the original aesthetic without repeating ourselves. This time we leaned a bit more heavily into the world of Optical Art, obviously implying that Oreo THINS are hypnotically good. A perfect pairing emerged when the client agreed to license the track "Hypnotize" by The Notorious B.I.G.