Play With Oreo

Play With Oreo - the 2015 Global Campaign for Oreo Cookie.

Play With Oreo - Crunch World

Play With Oreo - 2015 Global Campaign

Twist, lick, dunk, roll, stack and dip, there's no limit to what your imagination can do when you play with OREO. And from working with electro-pop duo Yelle to seeking out 10 emerging artists to share their creative OREO expressions of “play,” this new campaign inspires imagination and play in 40 countries and 14 languages around the globe.

Play With Oreo - global campaign logo

Play With Oreo - global program logo

Play With Oreo - on pack sticker

Play With Oreo - logo badge on pack

Design sketch 1
Design Sketch 2

Sketch designs for the Play With Oreo TV spot from Brand New School. We heavily referenced favorites such as Busby Berkeley, Alexander Girard, and the Sesame Street Pinball Countdown animation from the seventies.

Play With Oreo - content hub
Oreo dancing Gif
Oreo family portrait Gif
Oreo pattern Gif

Content Hub

To house all the content created for the global program, and to encourage fans to "Play" we built a content hub at (sadly since taken offline, you can see a screengrab on the left). It aggregated anything posted by fans world wide in an ongoing stream, showcased unique content from the Oreo team, had an integrated "Oreo-Head" avatar generator, games that enticed the viewer to play with the cookie, and more. 

Global point-of-sale displays

As with any global promotional campaign, to work well it had to move product. We worked to bring the core concept of play into fun and engaging displays in store. As you can see above, each international region had their own interpretation that integrated smoothly back into the bigger program.

Play With Oreo - Social Posts - India

Other regions, like Oreo India, chose to go even further and roll "Play With Oreo" artwork out on their social platform.