Oreo Wonderfilled Launch


Oreo Wonderfilled Launch

In 2012 I had the opportunity to team with the amazing writer David Muhlenfeld to pitch on Oreo, the world's favorite cookie. Oreo wanted to go from a beloved iconic cookie to a brand that behaved like an icon. We found a way in through wonder, a value inherent in the product itself. Whether you're twisting, licking, or dunking, Oreo is a cookie that begs to be played with, and play is at the center of how kids see the world. Seeing the world with childlike wonder is great way to approach things, regardless of age. The clients agreed with our approach and Wonderfilled was born. To bring this childlike wonder to life, we came up with the amazing music and animation combination you still see today. Music brings a visceral feeling that transports the viewer. Animation allows imagination to flow and really showcase what Wonderfilled is about.

An Animated Anthem Spot

For the launch, we made a :90 anthem spot that played during the Mad Men finale, a :30 second anthem spot to use in heavy rotation, a full page New York Times print ad, and more. In the launch spots, we tell three stories about common enemies brought together by the power of sharing a cookie and a touch of wonder: little pigs and a big bad wolf, a vampire and a girl, a shark and seals.  We teamed with Martin Allais to create the beautiful cel animation and characters that still stand out today.

Dancing pig
Quincy Von Vampire
Nice shark

A New Twist on Print

The print ad was designed like a comic strip and used characters from the anthem spot to visualize the story.

Oreo Hand-offs wild posting

Sharing the Wonder

"Wonder if I..." is the trigger to bigger wonder-filled thinking, and it all begins when you share a small delicious cookie. This series of "hand-offs" re-emphasizes the premise of our launch spot by showing two rivals or enemies being brought together by sharing a small token of wonder.

Times Square Takeover

We then kept up the sharing by creating an epic "hand-off" New Years eve countdown sequence for Times Square.

A Hard Working 30 Second Spot

A full 90 seconds of commercial airtime is obviously expensive, so we re-imagined the anthem as a 30 second spot in 3D with the amazing team at Royale.

The Martin Agency Oreo Wonderfilled Team

Most of the original Oreo Wonderfilled team at Martin Agency. So many people touched the account it would be hard to do it justice. This photo is from about a year into the campaign.