Oreo Heads Overview

Oreo Heads Early Design Sketches

Oreo Heads Out-Of-Home Campaign

From the very beginning, Oreo has been a brand that’s encouraged play. It has a novel sandwich form, an engaging ritual (twist, lick, dunk), and it’s a symbol of all things simple. From a cookie you play with to a playful brand, it’s time to elevate that message and invite people to play with Oreo in a whole new way. Playful human shapes marry the iconography of Oreo cookie with artistic interpretations of play. Oreo Heads was a large scale outdoor campaign in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago and supported the 2015 global "Play With Oreo" program.


Attributes of Play

By expanding play to a broad set of attributes—some emotional, some functional—an array of meanings were defined. Each one of these attributes was then used to brief a globally recognized artist. The selection process married the artists style with a relevant attribute. The results are full of surprise and wonder.

Jeff Soto artist process images
Oreo Heads by Will Godwin
Discover With Oreo

Oreo Head Generator

The ultimate win was the Oreo Head Generator we built at the hub. It allowed fans to go build an Oreo Head in their likeness and helped make the project feel comprehensive across multiple platforms. 

Geoff McFetridge concept sketches 1
Geoff McFetridge concept sketches 2
Discover With Oreo epic scale billboard
Oreo Holders