Oreo Brand Book

Brand Book header

A campaign manifesto brought to life with charming illustrations and bound in a plexiglass cover laser cut to look like an Oreo cookie. Completely written and designed internally, it was originally intended for client viewing only. But there was such love for the project we refreshed all the illustration so they were completely original and printed a short run of the books.

“Ever wonder about Wonder? We Do. And over the past 100 years, we’ve learned a few things. Wonder is in all of us, even when we think it isn’t. Wonder likes rainy days, and can make sunny ones even brighter. Wonder and optimism are BFF’s. They even borrow each other’s clothes. Maybe best of all, wonder can be twisted, licked, dunked, stacked, rolled, flipped, crunched, nibbled, and savored. So let’s take a bite and let it loose. The sooner we do, the sooner people can see: The world is full of wonder, and we are wonder filled.”