Mel's Mini Mini Mart

Mel's Mini Mini Mart at Sunset

Mel's Mini Mini Mart

A magical little tale about the most minuscule of mini marts. We tell Mel’s story in a mini movie of sorts. Leading with freshly written prose, the story unfolds like a tiny present that has been lovingly designed, shot and edited. In the end you kind of want to hit the road and take a little trip to see if you can find the most mini of mini marts, and find the big surprise inside.

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Side by side - two mini marts

A tale of two marts: Mel's Mini Mini Mart didn't change much from the spec project (image on left) to the actual shoot (image on right). A little more grandeur, some higher end details and trim, but that's about it.  After all, Mel doesn't like spending money on the shop, he'd rather just stock up on more Oreo Mini's.