Hue&Cry staff

What is Hue&Cry?

Hue&Cry is a design and animation studio I founded in Richmond, Virginia in 2013. With about 15 people on staff, we focus on well-crafted storytelling with a flair for characters and illustration.

What's in a name?

The name is a Middle English term that means "to sound an alarm," and was an early messaging system that relied on people calling out to one another if trouble was afoot. Our work needs to vibrantly call out to the viewer to be successful, so between that reasoning—and that I just thought it just sounded cool—a name was born.

Hue&Cry location: Richmond VA

Why Richmond?

Two reasons: I needed a break from Los Angeles, and I got a job at The Martin Agency. Starting a studio in Richmond meant low costs and access to a pipeline to projects from Martin, which added up to lower risk. 


How we work.

We believe that good design can incite fascination and wonder. We pride ourselves in creating work that people want to see, share, and talk about. 

Logo design sketches

Brand Development

The Hue&Cry brand design development was a fun project. We wanted something distinct, classic, and friendly all at once, so we mixed a bit of classic script with contemporary bold patterning and colors. The speech bubble wrapping the logo type helps create a mark that is recognizable from afar. 

Hue&Cry brand design elements
Hue&Cry T-Shirt
Hue&Cry website

Extra Credit

Our new digs are so cool, we decided to show off a little. Here's a look at the buildout and final result of our new studio in downtown Richmond.