Oreo Bedtime - Father's Day

What better way to showcase a childlike view of Father's Day than with a charming mixed media spot? Here we see a little girl wondering about all the things she and her father would do if she gave him an Oreo. Her imagination is brought to life with an overlay of charming cel animation. Laying illustration over footage is nothing new. But in this case, we used this technique to tie our brand new and largely animation-based Wonderfilled campaign to the live action roots of Oreo's previous long-running "Moments" campaign. It was also strategically intended to keep live action on the table for Wonderfilled, so it wouldn't be stuck in an animation-only world forever.

Above are some early style frames from the pitch. We were fortunate enough to work with Todd Mueller and Kylie Matulick from Psyop on this one. One big shift from the style frames to the final was our color treatment for the spot. Because the story hypothetically takes place at bedtime, we decided to push the lighting and grading to be much darker. Of course, it was tough trying to keep the black line work from disappearing, but it turned out just right.

Sometimes to sell an idea you have to just go ahead and make it. We call this strategy "make it and take it," and it has worked well for us with the Oreo client. A little proof of concept can turn the doubters into true champions of the idea.