Snap Partner Summit 2021: Design

The Partner Summit is Snap’s yearly keynote event. For the 2021 edition we created all the in-show graphics in collaboration with digital studio De-Yan who was making the virtual event space. 

As this event was going to showcase an augmented reality stage, the in-show graphics had an added layer of complexity. In addition to the hundreds of traditional deliverables, they all had to sync with the virtual space, use various levels of transparency, and work take dimensionality and interaction into account. 

Role: Executive Creative Director
Team: Brand New School

Design Investigation For the in-show graphic language we dissected the SPS21 logo to generate elements work with. This led to exploring circle motif’s, layering and transparency, and spotlights. Restraining the design work to utilize these tools helped maintain connective visual thread that was true to the brand aesthetic. 

Design Experimentation Many approaches, from simple type layouts to spacial arrangements, were explored. The later proved to be more compelling given the freedom of the virtual stage.

The virtual stage allowed the presenters to interact with any environment imaginable.  Which encouraged an interplay between graphic information, space, and the presentation narrative. 

Cold Open 
As a palette cleanser, this pre-show film was designed to be ambient and calming to clear the mind before the presentation.

Virtual Event These frames are snapshots from the actual event. They show the full integration of presenters and graphics on the XR stage.