OREO Wonderfilled

OREO wanted to go from a beloved iconic cookie to a brand that behaved like an icon. The way in was through wonder, a value inherent in the product itself. Whether you're twisting, licking, or dunking, OREO is a cookie that begs to be played with. Seeing the world with childlike wonder is great way to approach things, regardless of age.
Bright iconic colors, bold graphic language across all brand touchpoints, a unique typeface with hand-drawn flair, illustration style, cel animation, a unique melody that could work across multiple music genres, an audio mnemonic, a new logo, and a design system all let the product speak directly to consumers.

OREO Heads

OREO Heads was a large scale outdoor campaign in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago that supported the 2015 global "PLAY WITH OREO" program. OREO has always been a brand that’s encouraged play. It has a novel sandwich form, an engaging ritual (twist, lick, dunk), and it’s a symbol of all things simple.
The goal was to transition OREO from a cookie you play with to a playful brand, so we used OREO Heads to elevate that message, inviting people to play with OREO in a whole new way. Playful human shapes marry the iconography of OREO cookie with artistic interpretations of play.


With the campaign centered around wonder there was a huge need for delightful content. One of the greatest tasks (and joys) was generating all the films, animations, and commercials to support the campaign.
Here are just a few favorite pieces made during the campaign. They run the gamut of animated and funky to live action and sweet, but are all charming and innovative in their use of art direction and music in a campaign message.

Campaign Guidelines

Flip through and see, piece by piece, how to build Wonderfilled from the ground up. This is an instruction manual, motivational document, style guide, exuberant display of wonder, and creative writing exercise all rolled into one.

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