Coinbase: #WeAcceptCrypto

The last few years saw small business hit particularly hard. Coinbase is offering new ways to pay that directly benefit the small business rather than big corporations. Paying directly with crypto currency cuts out  bank fees and supports small companies. Small businesses adding this  option saw a huge lift in new customers.
#WeAcceptCrypto aimed to get people to shop at their favorite small business and pay with crypto. We created tools for small business to show they accept crypto payments and communications around Small Business Saturday to help spread the word.

Partnering With Small Businesses

To support small businesses we created window stickers and totes and used our own channels to show some love. 

Spreading the Word

Then rolled out more communications in a carefully orchestrated attack leading up to Small Business Saturday.


This was followed by special animated sticker release for small businesses and customers to use.


Even with $0 dollars spent on paid media the promotion had and outsized impact. There were 290 earned mentions resulting in 9M impression—these were people talking about the campaign without our content. 
There was 1,300 campaign mentions including retweets/quote tweets resulting in 56M impressions—these were people elevating the message. Instagram feed post was the #1 most liked post for @Coinbase to date resulting in 6k new followers in the first 5 days.

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